In Italy!

I am in Italy! After a long flight (and managing only two hours of sleep), I have arrived safe and sound in Italy 🙂 I got into the Milan airport around 6:00pm and Diane was there for greet me. We drove to the McFaul’s home away from home in Salo (1.5 hours east of Milan) – the McFaul’s are good family friends who have bene doing a home exchange in Italy since October and I am staying with them for a week. After freshening up, we went out for dinner down along the water (it was so beautiful!). My first meal in Italy was a pizza – the downside of me not knowing the language was that there were sardines (ewww gross!) on it. Luckily, I was able to pick them off. After dinner, we returned home and I slept for 11 hours! (Catching up, I guess). Today, we have been hanging out around the pool, reading magazines, and playing games. We will take an evening walk down to Salo to get my first Italian Gelato (yum!).This week will consist of day trips to little lake towns, Venice and Verona. So excited!

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