Friday in Parisand the first bout of homesickness.

Sorry for the lack of blogging! I tried to post this on Saturday morning but couldn’t because I couldn’t get wi-fi (oh the joys of Europe!) and since then I have been busy, busy busy. Anywho, here is this post. More to come once I am in Belgium tomorrow! xo

On Thursday night, I checked into my hostel in Paris and, much to my surprise, it was really quite nice and very clean (yippee!). Right away I talked to people and found out that many were also solo travelers and many were either in the process of doing Busabout or were starting it.

On Friday, I really wasn’t sure what to do. For some reason, nothing was really striking my fancy. But, I had wanted to see the Louvre (LINK) so I decided to head over there. There was no line (yippee) so I was inside with my ticket very quickly. Once I was inside though, there were tons and tons of people. So many people in fact that it didn’t make the whole experience wonderful. I was also trying to be the cheap backpacker so I didn’t fork out the extra six euro for the audio guide —- mistake! Since I no little about art, I definitely would have benefited from the audio set. I am quickly learning what to skimp out on (food) and that sometimes, you just have to pay for things if it will make the whole experience better. Anywho, I wandered the Louvre for awhile, finally coming across Mona Lisa. The famed painting was strictly guarded and no one could come within ten feet of it. There were at least a hundred people around so I quickly grabbed some pictures and headed off down another wing. Thank goodness my camera had a good zoom. Here is Mona Lisa:

I was very impressed by the art – especially the large scale of some of the paintings. Though I don’t know much about art, the last few English literature classes I took taught me some things. Here are two of my favorites:

The Louvre itself was absolutely beautiful, as were the grounds:

The Pyramid was pretty cool too and reminded me of when I was here in 2004 and was able to jump off the tour bus just to get a picture of it.

After touring the grounds, I settled in to the Starbucks across the street and people-watched, a Parisian sport. It was quite interesting to see all of the people come through and made for an good afternoon of reading and people watching. Maybe it was the Starbucks, a familiar of home, or maybe it was the fact that I was actually alone today that it sunk in that I am away. It has only been two weeks but it actually feels like quite a long time. After having been in Paris for just two days, I can definitely say that I don’t love this city. For some reason, it just doesn’t do it for me. We shall see what the weekend brings!

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2 Responses to Friday in Parisand the first bout of homesickness.

  1. Chantale Snelling says:

    Looks like things are going well. I like that you are honest about things!!! I feel the same way about Paris, it’s beautiful but not the most amazing place in the world… (NYC)!! haha I think you will feel more at home in Amsterdam….a lot reminded me of home…very walkable too. I look forward to fallowing you around Europe. Have fun!!!

  2. Jen says:

    Oh, Allie! So quiet in the office today. Hope Paris Pt. II “does it for you” a little better. I had my Green Dream meeting this week at a Starbucks d/town and another board member ordered a half-caf soy iced coffee unsweetened in a for-here cup . . . it kinda reminded me of you 🙂

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