A Paris-Filled Day.

In Berlin now and FINALLY catching up on some blog posts.

Last Saturday was an AMAZING and exhausting day in Paris! Caroline and I went all over Paris and saw so much.

We started off at Le Petit Palais, a museum in Paris that was holding a Yves Saint Laurent exhibit. The exhibit was incredible, showcasing over 300 of this designs and room after room of incredible fashion. This exhibit reminded me of Morgan because we took a Gender and Fashion class together at SFU – and it was funny how much of that I remembered and proved useful when looking at the designs! Unfortunately, there were no pictures allowed inside. I did buy a really cool bookmark, which I have since lost 😦

After that, we walked to Concord and caught the metro to Montmartre. First, we walked to see Moulin Rouge an then we walked to Monmartree. Once there, we walked around and took in the Paris sky line. I love love love the Sacred Coeur church, it so beautiful.

From Montmartre, we caught the metro to the Champs Elysees. My friend Jen sent me a list of the best places to get macaroons in Paris so we went on a hunt to find Laduree, one of Paris’ most famous dessert places. It was incredible! The macaroons were so good (my favorite: vanilla) and the bakery itself was stunning.

Our night was later completed by going out for a traditional crepe dinner – yum yum in my tummy!

A wonderful day in Paris!

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