Versailles…Too Much?

On my last full day in Paris (Sunday), Caroline and I headed to the Palace of Versailles. I had heard great things about it and was pretty excited. I knew Versailles as the place where the Treaty of Versailles was signed, not as the famous home of Louis XIV.  Arriving there, it was insanley busy. We spent much of the first hour or so walking around finding tickets and getting organized. Once we were through the gates, I was astounded by the beauty of the place.

We did not spend a ton of time inside as it was way too busy, but what we did see was beautiful. The thing that shocks me about most of the palaces is the enormous cost and the over-the-top elements. I appreciate that it is beautiful but I can’t help but wonder if the cost of building something like Versailles could have been put to better use. Is it really necessary to have such an extravagant building?

Here is the inside chapel:

At first, the gardens of Versailles do not seem that impressive (in fact, they seem quite small), but once you start to wander around you realize how insanely large the gardens are. We seemed to walk forever and ever but barely made it into the gardens.

Overall, Versailles was truly amazing and I am so happy we travelled out of Paris to see it!

Big thanks to Caroline for touring me around the city 🙂 See you in September when I am back!

PS I am now happy and less-sick in Berlin now 🙂 More blog posts to come now that I have a reliable internet source! xo

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