A City to Love…Berlin

I love Berlin and am honestly sad I am not there right now! Berlin is an incredible city – filled with history, culture and nice people. From the moment I stepped off the bus I loved it and felt at home.

While there, we went on a walking tour of the city. The guide (a Canadian!) was amazing – his passion for the city was contagious. There is so much to see and explore there and there are so many things I have to still see.

The Jewish District (surprisingly, religious monuments and buildings were left in tact):

A grafitti-filled wall, part of the rebellions during the Cold War.

The German Parliament (you may notice that there is a clear bubble at the top – to indicate that the German government will always be open – and that people are always watching them).

Having fun on the long-walk:

Checkpoint Charlie, one of the guarded stations during the Cold War:

Part of the Berlin Wall (not as tall as I would have imagined):

Another part of the wall (the largest section still standing). After the wall came down, this section was refurbished and painted by artists.

Brandenburg Gate (the city gate):

With us girls in it 🙂

The hotel from which Michael Jackson infamously hung his small child (Blanket) off the balcony. A little “modern day” celebrity history:

The site of Hitler’s bunker and place of death:

The Jewish Memorial in Berlin:

Last dinner in Berlin:

Berlin came and went way too fast! I definitely want to return there at some point in the next year or so. 🙂

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