Chocolate and Waffles = Yummy!

Today is August 13th…and I finally have a day to do nothing. After changing my plans, I knew I would have “extra” time in Prague. Though I could be roaming the streets, I decided to take a day off from traveling and just relax. Traveling is harder work then one might imagine! It seems like I have been walking mile after mile everyday and most days have been long. I am having A TON of fun but, still, it is wearing. So, today I am resting and catching up on the rest of the world.

Anywho, here is my final post for Brugges. On my last day there, we found an amazing restaurant and had an incredible cup of hot chocolate and a Belgian waffles. Yum, yum, yum!

The hot chocolate was super cool. First, this is what you get:

Then, you get to put the flower cup of chocolate in!


After drinking the hot chocolate and having a waffles, I was very full!

I really loved Belgium (for more than the food, I swear!) and would definitely like to go back at some point.

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