As you may have noticed, I came to Prague a few days early. On a whim, I decided to skip Dresden and explore Prague with my new friends 🙂 And, am I glad I did! Prague is a fun city and the architecture is second to none. The buildings here are so beautiful!

The famous clock in the Old Prague Square:

Prague Castle:

Charles Bridge:

A bar we walked past. Love the name!

It was hot out on the walking tour!

Something I did not know about Prague was that the large Jewish district was entirely preserved during World War II. Hitler wanted to save the area so that the Nazis could use it to show the history of the extinct race. One of the churches holds the names of all the Jewish people from Prague who were murdered at the hands of Hitler. This church also showcases artwork done by children who were held captive in the Terezin Concentration Camp (just outside of Prague). Thousands of children passed through the gates of this camp before being sent off to other camps to be killed. While there, a woman snuck art supplies and taught the children to draw. Before she was killed she was able to bury 10,000+ drawings in two suitcases and bury them in the camp. Many of these children did not survive and these drawing stand as the only proof they once lived.

Behind this church, the oldest Jewish cemetery in the city rests. Over 100,000 bodies lay here (dating from approx. 1400 – 1650).

First dinner in Prague 🙂

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