Adding to the Collection :)

I don’t collect much. Traveling through Europe I have literally bought no trinkets, no postcards, nada. I am trying not to accumulate junk (mostly because, well, it won’t fit in my bag!). The one thing I collect is the City Starbucks mugs. My parents bought me my first one in 2006 – a Paris one. It wasn’t until I went to Hawaii in 2008 that I bought my second and came up with the idea to collect them. Now, I am trying to get one for every city I go to. At home I have – 10 Mugs (Paris, Hawaii, Seattle, Vancouver, Whistler, Vancouver Island, Canada, Las Vegas, New York and San Francisco).

Now, I have two more (Prague and Berlin)!

Now, at least when I arrive in Ireland, I will have mugs to drink out of (haha).

On another note, tonight is my last night in Prague. I leave bright and early in the morning for Chesky Krumlov.

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One Response to Adding to the Collection :)

  1. Heather says:

    I really like the Berlin one 🙂 A Bear for Bear

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