1 month, 31 days, 744 hours, 44,640 seconds.

I have been away for a whole month!

Some days, it feels like I have been gone for all of a few days and, on others, it feels like an eternity.

I miss – my friends and family. my own bed and pillow. the comforts of home. a secure internet connection. my blackberry (hehe).

Traveling is harder and more tiring than anyone ever let’s on! I don’t like the constant packing and living out of a suitcase. I love making new friends but don’t like losing them so fast and then having to re-make new ones.


I would not trade this experience for anything. I am learning more each day than I ever thought possible. We, as Canadians, are lucky enough to not know war during our lifetimes but coming over here, I am seeing each and every day how war has had a lasting effect on millions of people. I am overcome by the beauty of Europe, how each place is so different and how each place has such a unique history. With each day that passes, I become so much more appreciative of what I have at home. I feel so lucky to have an amazing family and amazing friends and a safe place I call home.

This past month has been so incredible. I have seen so much (six countries and counting!). I can’t wait to see what this next month has in store!

Today, I am off to Vienna!


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4 Responses to 1 month, 31 days, 744 hours, 44,640 seconds.

  1. Morgan says:

    WOW! A whole month. I feel the same way as you. Sometimes I think you just left, and sometimes it seems like you’ve been gone forever! I’ve have enjoyed reading your posts this morning with my cup of coffee in hand. Who needs TV when they have you traveling the world!

  2. Sandy Vogt says:

    Love the pictures…I’m getting itchy feet…can I join you?

  3. Erica says:

    Hey Lady!!!

    I tried to warn you about all the packing and re-packing!!!! I guess it doesnt really click until you actually travel yourself. Glad you are having such a good time over there…. i miss you soooo much!!

    I have my skype logged in on any morning that I have off, which is usually only Sundays, but no such luck. Hopefully we can make it work soon??

    Lots of love,


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