A Town by the River

Chesky Krumlov is an adorable little town and for the past few days it has been the perfect spot to relax in.

The main square:

After the Cold War, the whole town was in ruins, in fact it was mostly known as a ghost town. For the last twenty years, the town has been repaired (to look like it was originally – a renaissance town) however there is still a small part that has not been re-paired. This is what it looks like:

The Czech people are the largest consumers of beer in the world. The average person consumes over 150L per year (basically, a beer a day) and, interesingly this stat includes babies, everyone so even if they don’t drink beer they are accounted for. This means some people are drinking A LOT of beer! At restaurants beer is actually cheaper than water, juice, pop, etc. I did a tour of the brewery and it was quite interesting:

Of course, I had to try a beer (hehe)! This town is famous for their yeast beer but I did not really enjoy it 😦

I love that I have the time to visit gems like these and not just the big cities. In the big cities it is hard to tell if you are observing true town citizens or just tourists but in the small towns you can get a better feel for the town’s culture 🙂

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