The List Keeps Growing

Before I left home, I thought that as I traveled I would be so happy to mark places off my list. See them once, and I am good to go, or so I thought. But, as I am traveling Western Europe and seeing so many amazing places and meeting so many interesting people who have traveled further and wider than I, I am beginning to realize that my list is only getting bigger. I honestly thought that I could see so much in two months of travel, and yes, I have seen so much but there is still so much to see! I bet I could travel for my whole life, every single day and there would still be places I would want to see. Traveling just inspires more traveling!

Today, I sat in my room (the first time I have had a room all on my own since I left home!), listened to the rain fall against the Austrian mountains and watched the documentary, “A Map For Saturday”. It follows a young American on his 11-month globe-trotting journey. It brought tears to my eyes as I watched him interview traveler after traveler and put into words all of the things, all of the emotions, everything I have been experiencing over the last month and a half.

It is easy enough for me to blog about all the places I am visiting and posting a snap-shot or two, but it is hard to really describe what I am experiencing. I keep saying that things are amazing and beautiful, and they truly are. But, I am seeing so many amazing things, that they are just becoming the norm. After only six weeks of travel, it is hard to imagine going back to the norm and not experiencing so much each and every day.

If you have time and want a glimpse of what I have been up to, watch “A Map For Saturday” (the trailer can be seen here). I promise you, it will make you want to go traveling!

Tomorrow I leave the mountains of Austria and head for the hills of Saltzberg. I have still been unable to post pictures from my last few stops but I promise I will in the coming week!

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