Vienna…in one day

I am now in Saltzberg…home to the Sound of Music, Mozart and lots of beautiful buildings.

I have A LOT of catching up on my blog to do! Let’s go all the way back to Vienna (over a week and a half ago now!)…

Since my camera was stolen (along with my pictures from Vienna) I spent my last day in Vienna racing around, trying to get some pictures. I really did love Vienna. Most of the town is in one big loop, so nothing is very far away.

St. Stephen’s Cathedral is in the middle of the square. It is under construction but I love how they covered the Cathedral in fabric to show what it is supposed to look like.

A really pretty building, that for the life of me I cannot remember the name of (guess this is why I should blog post right away!):

Inside the main square:

I love the architecture in this city!

A famous cafe in Vienna:

More blog posts to come soon. (I promise!)

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