A Place Like Home: Grunau, Austria

I am now in Munich and it is pouring rain (more on that later!) so after bravely (hehe) exploring the city, I am tucked up in the hostel catching up on my blog.

Grunau now seems like forever ago! I arrived there after Vienna, intent on staying and relaxing for four nights but ended up staying for EIGHT! That’s right, just over a week!

I LOVED Grunau! I stayed at the Treehouse, a quaint hostel 6km from town. The hostel (which feels more like home than a hostel) is situated in the mountains, on a river. It is amazing here. There wasn’t a ton to do except for bike rides and walks. Most of the time, it was pouring down rain which was fine by me – cuddling up with a book after six weeks of travel felt great.

The Treehouse:

The first night there, I got FORTY (yes, 40!) mosquito bites. Itchy, itchy, itchy!

One day, I took a wee-little bike ride out to a lake…it was only 40k round trip (Oh my gosh was I tired after!).

Views of the lake:

Me and my biking buddies at the lake:

Views of the mountains:

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