In Paris, during a transit strike, sans wi-fi

The title pretty much sums up my current day.

I have lots of blog posts to come but, the wifi at the hostel is down, meaning I can only use the old, slow computers they have here. It also means I can’t upload pictures which means no pretty blog post today :

I am in Paris! Yesterday I took my last Busabout bus of the season (more on my Busabout experience at a later date). The bus ride was LONG (14 hours!) so when we finally made it to the hostel at 10pm last night, I crashed right away.

I was excited to blog today but alas, no internet.

I was also excited to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower tonight, but with no transit that isn’t going to happen 😦 Guess I will have to save that for next time!

I am, however, going to attempt to go to Caroline’s apartment to retrieve my luggage and go for dinner so that should be fun! Tomorrow, I am off to London-town and I am SUPER excited. I am going to stay with my travel bff Naomi in Shepard’s Bush (I feel so cool because I won’t be staying in a hostel! hehe). I am looking forward to being in an English speaking country for the first time in almost EIGHT weeks. It is going to be so nice to have English everywhere.

More blogs posts to come soon, I promise!


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