In London-town!

I’m in London now! And, I am fully caught up on my blog (yippee!). I am thinking it will be easier now to post on a regular basis because I will have fairly stable wi-fi (and time!) from now on.

After Munich I stopped over in Paris for two days. I didn’t really do much except relax and prepare for London. I went for dinner with my friend Caroline who lives there and collected my second (and much larger) suitcase that she had been (so nicely!) keeping at her apartment for me. I was so surprised by how I had forgotten about all the things I owned…I forgot about my Coach purse, about my nicer shoes, about my dresses. It was so excited to see new, fresh clothes!

On Wednesday I traveled to London via the Eurostar. The Eurostar was really great – fast, comfortable, etc. I didn’t even notice we went underground! Once I arrived at King’s Cross I took the Tube to Shepard’s Bush where my friend, Naomi lives. The tube was a challenge with two suitcases and I somehow managed to slightly sprain my left wrist (I am guessing this happened when I was attempting to carry two suitcases up and down stairs and load them onto the trains quickly!). Once I arrived in Shepard’s Bush, I grabbed lunch and went and saw a movie – my first in two months! It is pretty exciting to be in a land of English-speaking people, you don’t really realized how difficult it is to have to always be thinking about what to say, what signs are saying, etc.

After the movie, Naomi came to fetch me. She is a teacher in London and her and her boyfriend, Dan, live in a cute apartment and they are SO graciously letting me stay with them. Naomi and I met and bonded so quickly when we were traveling. She is definitely my travel bff and it is so nice to be staying in an apartment instead of a hostel.

Anywho, now that I am up-to-date I am off to explore London!

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2 Responses to In London-town!

  1. Dick Reitenbach says:

    I hope things are going well for you. Your dad told me about your camera incident, sorry to hear that. I have enjoyed looking at your blog. Travel safely and you can never be to careful. Uncle Dick

    • Allie says:

      Thanks Uncle Dick! Lesson learned with the camera…you can never be too careful (especially when you are in a foreign country)!

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