I'm in Ireland!

In Dublin, to be exact!

This morning, bright and early, I left London. I hopped on a train headed for the coast of England. It was a beautiful train ride, such a treat to see so much of the English country-side. The coastline itself is very beautiful! After waiting for a bit at the ferry port, I boarded the ferry which, is more like a cruise ship. Seriously! There were two movie theaters on board, tons of food stops, the chairs were all fancy sofa type-chairs. It was amazing! The three hour ferry ride flew by. Maybe BC Ferries should take a hint from the Irish? (lol).

Once I got off the ferry I went through customs and got my passport stamp! I am now allowed to come and go from Ireland as much as I want until September 1, 2011!

I caught a cab into Dublin and the cab driver was super nice. He told me lots about Dublin and told me which areas are safe and which are not so safe. He also told me that I was “really brave” to come to a new country all on my own 🙂

After settling in at the hostel I took a quick walk around. Dublin seems to be a mix of new and old. There are lots of new buildings but there are also lots of older ones.

Tomorrow, I am heading to the local mall in order to find a sweater (or two) because it is COLD here! I am also going to attempt to find a hairdresser so I can get my locks back to blonde!

So far, so good!

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