Legally Blonde: The Musical

I LOVE the theater, especially musicals. Every time I go to a show, I always walk away in awe – at the singing (I only dream I could sing like that!), the costumes, the dancing, the stories – I love it all. Coming to London was exciting for many reasons including the fact that it is famous for its West End. So, last night, on my last night in London, Naomi, Dan and I went and saw Legally Blonde: The Musical. I adore the movie and just knew I would love the theater production and I was not disappointed, the songs were super catchy and the script was funny and endearing.  A perfect way to cap off my stay in London!

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2 Responses to Legally Blonde: The Musical

  1. Mrs. Blondin says:

    At the Savoy!!! That’s where I saw Fiddler on the Roof, and that restaurant is where the latest winner of Hell’s Kitchen is working. Jealous! Glad you enjoyed it!

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