Two Months: The Changes

Today is September 17th – already! I left home two months ago today. I can’t believe how fast time has flown.

When one month had past, I was in the middle of traveling. Lugging around my bags to a new city every few nights was so much fun. I was having an amazing time! I also remember that after only one month, I was missing a lot of things (and people!) at home. I still miss those same things (what I would give for one night sleeping in my own bed!) and people but somehow the missing isn’t as bad now. I am sure I will feel really homesick again in the future but for now, it feels more like I am settling in.

Now, as I sit on the train to Dublin, about to start Chapter 2 of my adventures, I am thinking about how I have changed these past two months.


– Learned to depend on myself and only myself.
– Survived having some of my belongings stolen.
– Learned to use hand signals and really slow English when I am not in a country where I speak the language.
– Gained confidence in myself, in my ability to make friends and fit in.
– Learned that you don’t need to wear makeup to make friends!
– Become less materialistic than I ever thought possible (I have no doubt that this will change when I go back home, but for now, it is nice).
– Learned to be cheap. I mean, really, really cheap. And, also learned that it is okay to scrimp!
– Re-assured myself that I own the ability to make my own life decisions and create my own path 🙂 Making mistakes is good, it’s how I learn!

This next month will bring about so many more changes: finding a *fun* job, a place to live, etc. After two months of travel I am ready to settle down, to not pack my bag every other night, to find a local grocery store and cook my own food, to get my hair cut, to make friends. I am ready to actually integrate into another culture and see what life is like in another part of the world.

So…here I go. Bring on the next chapter!

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4 Responses to Two Months: The Changes

  1. Tracy Veit says:

    Allie, this is so great. I am so proud of you as I’m certain your Mom and Dad are. This is a wonderful and brave experience you have embarked on and you seem to be a pro already!!

    I look forward to the adventures in Dublin … good luck with the job hunting.


  2. Danielle says:

    I’ve been following your travels since the beginning and I must say I’m hooked. I consider myself a traveller, but I am completely jealous of the amount of courage you must have to try living somewhere completely different (and on your own!). Good luck finding a Fun job in Dublin, and please keep us entertained back home with your stories 🙂

    • Allie says:

      Thanks Danielle! My adventures have definitely had their bumps…and starting to live in a new place is a bit trickier than I thought (there is A LOT of paperwork and new ways of doing things!) but I am having fun!

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