Michael Buble Making Dublin Feel Like ''Home''

When I was in London in September I randomly decided to look on the Irish Ticketmaster website to see if anyone I liked would be coming to Dublin in the next six-months or so. Boy oh boy was I surprised to see that Michael Buble was going to be in Dublin exactly one week after I arrived! Surprisngly, there were a few tickets left, so I quickly snatched one up!

I LOVE Michael Buble. I have seen him in concert a few times before and I had already seen this very tour. Knowing that I would miss out on his concert at home in August, my friend Erica and I went down to see him in Seattle in April. He was AMAZING then and he was amazing when I saw him in Dublin on September 24th.

I had just moved into my houseshare the day before, so after getting my housemates to help me directions, I took the tram and the bus to get to the Aviva Stadium. The Stadium was just re-done and just opened up in late Summer.

There were a few things I didn’t know before I arrived…

– Having no internet at the time, I didn’t really look into the Stadium so I was surprised to find out that it had an open top! I was so not dressed for the weather. Thank goodness I had my coat but gloves and a scarf would have made the night much warmer 🙂
– As the Stadium just re-opened, this was the FIRST concert being held at the there!
– 50,000 of Michael Buble’s biggest fans were there. His largest audience ever!

All in all, it was an incredible night. It was amazing to see one of my favorite entertainers perform especially someone from Vancouver, I am not sure if I can explain it right…but some how seeing his concert just made my first few weeks in Dublin feel more like ”Home” (I definitely had tears in my eyes when he sung that song). It was also so neat to be in the audience for his biggest concert to date and to be surrounded by so many enthustiastic Irish fans 🙂

I didn’t bring my camera along so this picture is ”borrowed” from the Irish Times website:

Oh, and my ticket from the night!

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