I Live Here!

As promised…here is the blog about my new home 🙂

When I was coming home from the Michael Buble concert a week and a bit ago…I was sitting on the bus when a very very drunk man asked me where I was from. Instead of saying “Canada” as I normally would, I said, “I live here.” As soon as the words came out of my mouth it hit me, I LIVE HERE! For awhile anyways…I have never actually lived anywhere else other than Vancouver but for the foreseeable I live here, in Dublin, in Ireland, in Europe! 🙂

I live in a house-share in Dublin 12 (Dublin doesn’t have postal codes like we do…there codes are just Dublin 1, Dublin 2, etc.). Basically my postal code tells people that I live on the South side of Dublin. My “town” is Bluebell and it is a 30-second walk to the tram which takes me into town. Pretty sweet! The only downside to where I live is that I am having a hard(ish) time figuring out where there are community centres, big grocery stores, etc. But, I am sure that in due time I will figure it all out. It is pretty fun getting to know a neighborhood, knowing you will be here for awhile. My house-mates are awesome! They are two lovely Irish girls who live further up north (in the Republic) but are going to school in Dublin. They are super nice and have helped me out a lot.

Here is the outside of my house:

The view to the left of my house (you can actually see the tram in the background…that is how close it is!):

The view to the right of my house (and the church beside it…I always know what time it is because I can hear the church bells!):

This is my tiny, but cute bedroom. I outfitted it with goodies (in my favorite color of course) from Primark…all for under $100 Canadian 🙂

My cosmetics drawer….I have since organized it but I could not believe the HUGE amount of stuff I brought. Honestly, what was I thinking? I must have thought that there were no cosmetics in the country of Ireland. haha

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2 Responses to I Live Here!

  1. Jeanie says:

    I wonder how long you will live in Dublin? Looks like the leaves are turning. I wonder what the temperature is like, I always imagined it to be on the “chilly” side. ~J.!

    • Allie says:

      Well I have a year visa so up to a year! hehe It is cold here (much colder than home as I have heard you guys are getting heat wave after heat wave *jealous*). The weather here reminds me of November at home.

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