Grocery Maddness!

I didn’t have work today so I headed into downtown Dublin to get some errands done! After waiting 1.5 hours at the Family Services Office, I applied for my PPS number (similar to a Social Insurance Number). Once I get it I won’t have to pay 41% tax (which will be so nice!).

After that, I met up with my friend Jillian and we went into the Jervis Shopping Centre to explore. It is bascially like putting a small mall on Robson Street. Same idea 🙂 We then grabbed lunch at a local pub (there is pretty much one on every corner!). Randomly hanging out made me feel more like I lived here! It’s a bit hard to explain but it is the little things that make me feel settled and happy here. Having friends to meet up with, groceries to buy, etc. they are all making Dublin feel like home.

Anywho, I then ventured into the suburbs to find Tesco’s (the largest grocery chain in the UK and Ireland). I have been going to the corner store to get all of my groceries but I wanted to load up on all the basics of a good kitchen (flour, sugar, spices, etc.). It took me over an hour to get all of my groceries (I had a long list!) so hopefully this will last me a long time!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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One Response to Grocery Maddness!

  1. Erica says:

    This picture makes me sooo excited for you – finally a chance to bake!!! Nice chatting with you this morn… expect my letter and my surprise 🙂 lots of love!!!

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