Happy Thanksgiving!

I have a LOT to be thankful for this year. I do every year, but this year in particular I have been one lucky girl. Some of the things I am most thankful for this year:

– My new (and amazing) housemates and friends in Dublin who are making my transition here better than I could have imagined!
– My friends at home who email me and skype with me and keep me in the loop! Friendships when you are thousands of miles away are hard and I am so thankful for my friends who make the effort to keep in touch. I love you all so much!
– My family who talk and email with me all the time; go through my closest and send me my winter clothes; and are just there whenever I need them.
– The ability to travel and learn about different cultures. I am SO lucky to be able to be where I am today. I know that I will never forget this time in my life.

Thanksgiving 2010 is my first major holiday away from home. I wanted to still have Thanksgiving so I decided to host “Thanksgiving, Dublin Style!”. I had no idea what a CHALLENGE it would be to host Thanksgiving somewhere else. There weren’t any turkeys in the supermarkets, pumpkin filling did not exist, the rental house did not have a roasting pan…and the list goes on. But, with the help of my mom (for reminding me how to cook!) and Aoife (my roommate who found a turkey!), we made do.  Thanksgiving without my family and friends at home was definitely not the same but, I survived and we had fun! 🙂

The turkey (just a breast…so much easier to make):

The dinner 🙂 yum yum:

Me with my housemates! Fiona (left) and Aoife (right):

Withing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

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One Response to Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Morgan says:

    Yay! The meal looked good missy. I’m glad you have great people to spend the holiday with. You proved that it doean’t matter where you are in the world, you can still have a holiday with “family”.

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