Oh How I Love Thee…Skype

Skype is my lifeline. Seriously. I love Skype. It has to be one of the best inventions in recent time. Free web chatting? Love it! I use Skype a lot now that I am away, in fact I have scheduled Skype Dates (as I like to call them) with my family and friends back at home. Though it is not the same as actually being there, it is pretty darn close! And, having regular “Skype Dates” once a week or so, keeps me up to date on the lives of my friends and usually feels like we hanging out just like we would back home…except of course are thousands of miles apart.  Keeping in touch is definitely a challenge and I am so thankful for all my friends who have “Skype Dates” with me!

Here is my, chatting with my best friend Heather, on Sunday, our weekly scheduled “Skype Date”:

(Big thanks to Heather who reluctantly agreed to let me take her picture, despite the fact that she had just woken up :)).

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2 Responses to Oh How I Love Thee…Skype

  1. Heather says:

    Just my photo! Haha I thought you were going to take one of everyone hehe. I do like my grin though 🙂

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