It happens as the most random times I can’t even explain it. Yesterday and today were two of those days where I missed home so much. The last time I was truly homesick was just over a month ago.

I am truly loving my experience overseas and though I miss home and my friends, I am rarely really homesick.

When I first moved into my house in Dublin, I was overcome with homesickness. I started unpacking my stuff and I think it hit me, this is real, I live here, I am not going home anytime soon. I missed my best friend. I missed home. I cried. And after, it felt good. It just so happened that that very day, my best friend missed me more than normal too. It’s sort of funny how the world works, that we both missed each other SO much that day.

I spent the weekend in Galway (a long post will follow tomorrow!) and I had so much fun. Yesterday my friend Molly and I headed to Aran Islands for the day. On the way town from these gorgeous cliffs, I stumbled and fell hard. No bones were broken, no skin shattered. I bruised my hands and my rear. I shed tears and crushed but I was fine. BUT right away I felt homesick. Something about hurting myself (however minor) made me miss home so much.  It’s funny how I can be totally fine for days and then bam! I am homesick. This morning I woke up and after breakfast ran to HMV to buy Taylor Swift’s new cd which, some how, made me miss home too. Maybe all the hours of listening to Taylor Swift while on roadtrips and drives into town with my friends brought back memories, I am not sure. But, it sure didn’t help with the homesickness!

I am sure I will feel better tomorrow. I am back in Dublin now and am excited to sleep in my own bed tonight, have my computer back (and my connection with home). Life is so good 🙂 It’s just funny how random things make you miss home so much.

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2 Responses to Homesick

  1. Aswini says:

    Hey Girl Stay strong make new friends and new memories, Know that you are loved and that we miss you too but are soo happy for you. :), Remember we’re all here when you come back!!!!

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