A Trip to the Westcoat: Galway and Aran Islands

This weekend, my friend Molly and I took a roadtrip (aka bus trip) to the West Coast of Ireland. I was so excited to head out of the city for the weekend and see another part of the country. We were lucky enough to stay with Meaghan and Caitlin, two Canadian girls who I met during my first week in Dublin. They live smack-dang in the middle of the downtown square so it was perfect! We lucked out with the weather (clear, blue skies the whole weekend!) and had a lot of fun seeing some beautiful sites. It was also nice to be out near the ocean for a change.

On Saturday, we explored Galway:

We had some hot chocolate to keep warm!

Shop Street in Galway has so many colorful buildings:

Saturday night started with Tequila shots (in bowls!)…and well I am not really sure how it ended. hehe We had a fun night out 🙂

On Sunday, Molly and I took the ferry over to Aran Islands. These islands are situated off the coast of Galway and are BEAUTIFUL. A lack of sleep, feeling ill and the little tumble I took did not make for a perfect day but we had fun anyways!

I took a ton of pictures on Sunday! The Aran Islands are so picturesque and they were very much the “Ireland” I had long pictured in my head. Rolling green hills, big cliffs, deep blue water. Just beautiful.

Touching the Atlantic (on the European side) for the first time!

On Monday morning, after a good sleep in and breakfast, I ran down to HMV to pick up Taylor Swift’s new cd. I was SO excited!

All in all it was a GREAT weekend away. I am now, more than ever, excited to explore the other areas of Ireland!

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