Twitter + My Best Friend

I heart Twitter. I really really do. For me, it is like an online journal, a snapshot of my day, in 140 characters or less. In some ways, I love it more than Facebook. It’s easy to look at, it’s constantly changing and it is an amazing driver of social media.

Not so long ago, I didn’t even know what Twitter was. And, heck, once I found out I thought it was dumb. Back in March of 2009, my best friend, Heather, convinced me to jump on the ban wagon and join up. So, I did. I started tweeting once in awhile, but soon it became addicting. I follow a lot of blogs and where do people announce that they have put up a blog post, on Twitter of course! I like looking back at my tweets and seeing what I was doing or thinking months ago. It really is like mini snapshots of my life. And, as of last Sunday, I had 2,500 mini snapshots! In about 1.5 years, or about 550 days, I have tweeted 2,500 times. Which means, on average, I am tweeting 4.5 times a day. That is quite a lot! When I was home, it was super handy, I could tweet on seconds because I had a blackberry. And, because Twitter is still less popular than Facebook, I don’t actually know many people on it (Heather, my sister and a few other friends pretty much sums up my followers) which makes it easier to tweet more liberally, shall I say. I can tweet 20 times in one day and no one will really care, whereas if I updated my status on Facebook that many times people would (probably) become annoyed.

This blog post, that was supposed to be short, has become sort of random and long. All I meant to do was thank my best friend, for showing me her wiser ways of social media. For making me sign up for Facebook (way back in 2006) and for introducing me for Twitter and thus making me fall in love with social media 🙂 So, thanks Heather!

Me and my bestest 🙂

My 2,500 tweets:

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One Response to Twitter + My Best Friend

  1. Heather says:

    Your welcome! And I love your tweets ❤

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