A Day of Rememberance…But Not in Ireland

Yesterday was Remembrance Day. A day when we remember the sacrifices so many people have given. A day when we give thanks for everything they have done. And this year, after visiting so many historical sites these past few months and gaining a deeper understanding of the horrors of war, I am more thankful than ever for the people who have fought to allow us to live a life filled with freedom, choice and opportunity. I am so grateful I have never had to know war in my lifetime and I hope we are able to continue to live in an (almost) war-free world.

The interesting thing about yesterday was, that despite that I knew it was Remembrance Day and that all of my loved ones at home were indeed at home, not at work, it was not Remembrance Day here in Ireland as Ireland was not actively involved in either of the World Wars. It was odd not to see people wearing poppies, participating in parades or taking time out of their day to remember. Just another difference between our two countries I suppose.

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