An Update :)

This week has been…interesting? Busy? Non-eventful? I am not sure how to describe it.

The weather here has been icky. There have been several weather warning, with winds reaching up to 125 km/hr which has not made for me sleeping well! For the last 12 or so years, my bedroom has been in the basement of our house. Though it does come with some disadvantages (I can hear everything that happens in the kitchen and I have been woken many Sunday mornings by the garburator), it does prevent me from hearing crazy wind, neighbours cars, etc. Now that I am living in Dublin, I am living in a 50+ year old house and I am sleeping on the top floor of the house. The creaks of the house are different, the radiators are loud (especially when they start up randomly during the night), everything is just different! My other sleeping-related problem is that I have started watching “Lost”. I ❤ this show big time but, it freaks me out a bit! Of course I have now started having nightmares so I am going to have to retire the show for at least a week 🙂

I have worked everyday this week (not full shifts, but still! YAH!) On Wednesday, I was working in the afternoon so I decided to walk the hour to work. It was so lovely! It was actually a clear, crisp day and, despite the wind, it was a real treat to walk to work.

Now for some good news…I got a new temp. job with an accountancy firm working as a receptionist! This is great because the job is week to week (filling in for a long term sick leave) which means I could be employed for a while! Yippee 🙂 I even have to dress up…which means tomorrow I have to go shopping to find a suit! Oh my, oh my. I have never had to wear a suit to work so this should be fun.

That’s all for now. Enjoy the weekend!

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