The Dublin Difference: The Houses

It seems like just yesterday that I posted my first Dublin Difference, but alas, it is already Friday again! I am snowed in today. Literally! Since last Friday, it has been snowing like crazy. This morning the bus I needed to catch for work was not operating on that route so, instead of working, I am cozied up in my bed, catching up on Grey’s Anatomy and blogging 🙂

For my second Dublin Difference…The Houses! The house I am living in here in Dublin is at least 50 years old (if not more…we are not really sure). Because of that, things are a bit (aka a lot) different than home. Everything creaks (all the time!), the walls are pretty thin and well…everything is just older! To highlight this different I have taken pictures…

The heat! Now that it is snowing (and freezing cold), we have the radiators turned on all the time. That’s right, we have a radiator. Obviously I knew what a radiator was but it is so different than home! We have these big white things in every room in the house.

The shower…we are lucky in our house, we can get hot water at pretty much the drop of the hat (unlike some of my other friends who have to turn the hot water on 40 minutes before taking a shower!). Our shower is electric, so we have to pull a cord (which turns on a fan that makes a ton of noise) and voila we have hot water!

The laundry room…what laundry room? We don’t have one! Our washer and dryer are in the KITCHEN! That’s right…the kitchen! Apparently this is quite common here though I don’t think I have ever seen a washer and dryer in a kitchen before. Two things about ours: it is a washer AND a dryer. Which means you can only do one load at a time and the average load takes about 4-5 hours (to wash and dry). And, it is so much smaller than the washers we have at home, it can handle about half the amount of clothes, so doing laundry is a pain in the butt!

The oven. Our oven is small, so small that when I bought a baking tray and then proceeded to use it but it would not fit in the oven! I have been told that our oven is actually quite big but it seems so tiny to me!

Here in Dublin, internet is provided in a variety of ways. Wi-fi in the house does exist but it is complicated for a girl like me who is just here for a year (a landline is needed, a one-year contract, etc.). The way a lot of Dubliner’s get their internet is through pay as you go sticks, like one I have. I have ever before had to monitor how much I use the internet and let me tell you…it is hard! I have 15GB per month of internet and if I go over that it costs a lot! The stick works great, the only annoying part is that it is constantly sticking out of your computer!

Keys! The keys here for rooms in the house (i.e. the bathroom) are so much different than what I am used to. They are actual keys which I think is pretty cool (though I just wonder what you would do if you lots them?).

As you can see, there are lots of things that are different about living here in Dublin. It has taken quite awhile to become accustomed to all the differences in the house. It seems like in Canada we super-size everything. Our appliances are much larger, they work a lot quicker and we have less restrictions on things like internet. What I love about each day here is that it is a constant learning process and it is making me so grateful for all I have!

Have a great weekend!

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