Time Flies!

How is it already December 9th? Please, oh please tell me! There is just over two weeks until Christmas and only 22 days until 2011! Craziness.

Last week Dublin was inundated with snow. It snowed almost everyday and the city was at a standstill. I made it to work everyday but Friday (when the buses were not running) and I had a perfectly lovely day reading, drinking cocoa and looking out at the beautiful snow. I

On Friday night, my friends and I headed out into town for a Girls Night. We made the mistake of going into Temple Bar (where drinks cost upwards of 6) but we had fun anyways 🙂 On Saturday, I did some much needed (aka wanted) shopping. First, I met a friend at the Docklands Christmas Market. I was really excited for the market but it turned out to be quite a disappointment – it was 80% food stalls! I was looking forward to getting some cute, home-made Irish things but there wasn’t really anything! After that, I headed into town to hit the shops. I have BARELY been shopping since I left home and, surprisingly, it hasn’t really bothered me. I have bought a pair of shoes and a few tops, but they were for work. I haven’t done any fun/just for me shopping. So, I decided it was time! I hit up the new Forever 21 and oh my! it is HUGE. I have been to Forever 21 in New York, Las Vegas, LA, Vancouver but I have never been to one as big as the new one in Dublin. It was fantastic! I didn’t buy a ton (a few tops, a pair of jeans and of course…the shoes I blogged about yesterday) but it was fun to shop! The rest of my weekend was pretty low-key, having coffee with friends, working on planning my trips for the Spring, writing Christmas cards, etc.

This week has been equally as low-key which has been nice. I haven’t worked as much (I worked three straight weeks before this week) and though it means a smaller pay cheque next week, it has been nice to catch-up, to have time to relax and to soak up the everyday of Dublin-life 🙂 The next few weeks are going to be busy with work, holiday parties (yippee!), and other Christmas-related activities. Let the fun begin!

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