XFactor: It's Over :(

When I first arrived in Dublin September, the newspapers were already writing about, the people were already talking about it, bets were already being placed. What is it that they were talking about? Politics? Nope. Movies? Nope. They were talking about XFACTOR!

XFactor, similar to American Idol, is a reality show for Britain and Ireland. Simon Cowell is the mastermind behind it and, let me tell you, it is a HUGE obsession over here. One that I happily jumped on board with! XFactor aired every Saturday and Sunday night — yes, that is correct, probably the biggest program over here aired on the weekends! A huge difference to tv at home where the most popular shows air Monday to Thursday. Anywho, this season XFactor was fantastic. Dublin even had a contestant get into the top 5 so that was pretty exciting. It ended last night, where 20-something super-cutie, super down-to-earth and shy, Matt, was named the 2010 Champ. The Bluebell girls and I all watched it and, I have to say, I am going to miss XFactor when I go home!  It has been quite the experience witnessing how a reality show can be such a media obsession and how it can bring together people from several countries and give them people to be proud of, especially when times have been hard!

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