A Post for Kathy

Kathy is my best-friend’s mom and she is one of the most lovely, generous, kind person I know. Ever since Heather and I became friends (in the first year of University), Kathy has been so welcoming and their home has become my second home. I miss hanging out with the Palmer Family!

I have been on a kick to make soups as of the late, and since Kathy makes the BEST French Onion Soup I emailed her last week to get her recipe and today I made it. Though it wasn’t as perfect as hers it was yummy-in-my-tummy! And since my housemates have never had it it was a good chance to make them something form home.

Making the soup reminded me that I never got around to posting some pictures I took for her. Kathy loves window pictures and when I left home I promised I would take some for her. The funny thing is, taking pictures of windows really helped me get some neat pictures. It made me notice details of buildings I never would have noticed otherwise! Somehow, old buildings, cracks, old paint and funky details have become so beautiful to me. So…for you Kathy, here are some of my favorite window pictures I have taken in the past few months 🙂

My favorite window picture, taken, I believe, in Italy:

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