An Irish Christmas Party

This week has seemed busier than most and I am not sure why! Tomorrow (Friday) marks my fifth month from being away from home (oh my gosh!) so a blog post will most certainly be up tomorrow as a reflect on that!  I think the busy-ness has something to do with the holidays. Even though I am away from home and away from many of the parties, family activities, etc. that I would be participating in DECEMBER 2010 has been busy (and fun)!

On Tuesday night the Bluebell Girls (the nickname I have given my housemates and I!) hosted a Christmas Party! Now that our house was all decorate for Christmas it just seemed like the perfect thing to do AND since I love being a hostess I was right in my element 🙂

The Bluebell Girls, I could not, in a million years, have asked for better housemates. Aoife and Fiona are the two loveliest people and I am so lucky to have them as housemates!

Some of the lovely food:

There was even some Canadian beer!

Me with a few of my awesome Dublin friends (an American and two Aussies):

Last, but certainly not least, one of my FAVORITE sets of pictures that were taken in sequence, one after the other. Love my all my Dublin friends!

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