Five Months: Reflections and Realizations

No Dublin Difference post today because I have been away from home for FIVE months! Five whole months! To me, that is absolute crazy. I know, I know, I say that every time the months hit the 17th, and I hit my anniversary of leaving home but seriously, five months, that is so long!  It seems like I left home so long ago now. Summer is long ago; even fall is gone. Dublin is in full-fledged winter and Christmas is a mere eight days away!

For me, this past month has been really great. I have worked constantly (for the first time since June I worked a full 40-hour week) which meant I actually had money in the bank (not to spend, to save…but still!). I went shopping, for myself, for the first time in MONTHS and honestly, that felt great. It was so nice to go out and spend a bit of money to get fresh, non-traveling clothes.  It snowed a crazy amount in Dublin; we were under snow for two weeks! The Holiday festivities began; we decorate for Christmas and threw a party. The list goes on. It has been a good month 🙂

2010 has been an incredible year and, I have a feeling I will reflex on it in a few weeks, but I have to say, I am such a lucky girl. A lucky to get to experience life on the other side of the world. A lucky girl to be finding constant temp work while Ireland is in such a deep financial crises. A lucky girl to have found housemates that have become great friends. A lucky girl to have an amazing and supportive group of family and friends. Plan and simple, I am a lucky girl!

2011 is coming up so fast and it is going to be SO SUPER-DUBER AMAZING! So far I have 13+ weeks of travel planned along with a few weekend trips. For me, 2011 represents endless options and I am so excited to explore them.

Each and every day, I am becoming more confidant in myself. I learning to deal with stress and I am learning more about ME. I realized this past week, that there are so many elements of me that are ingrained in me. For example, I am messy. Seriously. I am very very very organized but I am messy. Despite the fact that my room here in Dublin is half the size (if not less) than my room at home, it is still messy (not dirty, just messy). I still don’t like putting my clothes away so they pile up on every surface available.

I have also realized, and am coming to accept, that I have difficulty with finishing tasks. I am a great starter, a great planner, but I often stop before things are done (this can be seen is so many ways in my life). I will do the dishes, but not put them away. I will apply for jobs, but not whole-heartily follow-up. I will make plans but then not follow-through with them. And, what’s funny about that is that I am realizing that is is OKAY. It is definitely something I want to work on and (hopefully) gradually approve over time but it is okay to have flaws; it’s realizing you have them that is is sometimes the greatest challenge!

I can’t believe December is almost gone. Before I know it, January 17th will be here and I will have been away for 1/2 a year!

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