Home for the Holidays: Part I

Being home for the holidays was lovely. It was great to spend time with the people I love and as much as I love my hometown and all the people in it, being home confirmed to me that I love Dublin too and that I missed Dublin and that I am not done with it yet! So, instead of being sad to leave home, I was excited to go back to Dublin!

I took 600 photos was I was home. Being there for only a short period of time made me want to capture each and every moment I could 🙂 Of course, it would take me forever to blog all of those so, instead, I am going to break the blog post into two, and post a dozen or so of my favorite pictures. Here we go!

The first weekend I was home, I went and saw my sister’s cheerleading performance.

My best friend and I drank wine spritzers, just because.

Our family drove around and saw Christmas lights.

We had a yummy Christmas Eve dinner.

My sisters are big goofs 🙂

We wrote a letter to Santa (like we do every year).

The Christmas tree on Christmas morning.

More coming soon 🙂

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