Six Months: Time Flies

Today, January 17th, is almost gone. It’s late in evening and I am blogging from my bed. My day has been full of work and the gym and cooking and catching up on the Golden Globes (which, sadly, I missed as they were in the middle of the night for me!). I have a thing with dates, I like keeping track of them. I like knowing that I left home on July 17th and I like counting the months as they go by. Of taking time to reflect on how I have grown, how the time away has shaped me. January 17th, it almost passed without me noticing. It wasn’t until a few hours ago that I actually realized that…oh my gosh! I left home six months ago today.

Of course, I have been home in that time. I was home for Christmas but it didn’t really feel like I was home. It’s hard to describe. I was there as a visitor because though half of my life rests there, the other half is comfortably resting here in Dublin. When I was home, I missed Dublin because for the past four months, Dublin has become my home.

Being home was great for many reasons. It made me more confidant that the people I love at home are okay and my friendships are still there and are just as beautiful as always. Seeing my friends wasn’t awkward, it didn’t really feel like time at past at all. Skype, email, facebook all helps but it was good to see people’s faces, to give hugs, to share laughter. It was good to be around the people who I love so much and who make me me.

I was worried going home would make me want to stay there and not come back to Dublin. But, in fact, the opposite happened. I was excited to come back to Dublin because, for now, it is where I am meant to be.

Before I left home, a secret post on the Post Secret website caught my eye. I loved it right away and though I didn’t feel the emotion the post card expressed, I thought that one day I might. And now, I do.

Dublin, to me has meant freedom and for that I will always cherish it. It is the first city I have lived in away from Vancouver. It is the first time I have not lived at home. Dublin holds a lot of firsts for me. And time…well it is flying by. January is already half over! And before I know it my year here will be up!

This next month is going to be fun. I have a bunch of touristy-type day trips planned around Dublin, a weekend to Manchester/Liverpool planned and I am sure lots of other fun stuff in between.  I plan on soaking up more of my everyday (as I promised I would a few months ago!) and of blogging more (I have a lot to catch up on!).

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