A Visit to Kilmainham Gaol

Kilmainham Gaol is an old jail in Dublin city centre and was one of my must-sees that is now crossed off my list!

The jail was first built in 1796 and was originally meant to hold 200 people. During the potato famine, thousands of people were imprisoned there, most of them committing petty crimes in order to go to jail, because, at that time, jail was better than living on the streets. The jail was under British control until close to the end. In 1916, many of the Easter Rising leaders were executed there.  The jail was closed in the 1920’s and is now a museum.

This part of the jail was added on many years later and the architecture is pretty neat.

I am definitely glad I made the trip to the jail, I find it so interesting to learn more about the Irish culture and about the history of Dublin. Next on the list: Phoenix Park!

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