A Weekend in England: Manchester

I had a great weekend away! It was so much fun to get out of the city and see another place. I haven’t “traveled” anywhere since September! My friend Naomi and I headed to England this past Friday night and returned last (Tuesday) night. We had a blast visiting Manchester and Liverpool. Here is my re-cap of Manchester 🙂

The day I left I posted about how great it is that Europeans can fly so cheaply throughout Europe. I had never done it before so I was excited, and, apparently, naive. When they say that Ryan Air is budget, they mean it! It is really, really budget. Like you feel like you are in a cheap airplane kind of budget.

Naomi and I arrived at the airport, in plenty of time. We went through security, got magazines and water and headed to our gate. It wasn’t until we were minutes away from boarding that we realized that we were AT THE WRONG GATE! Oh my gosh. At this area in the airport, you can’t get back to the rest of the airport so, running, we had to exit the airport. We went through customs (the guy thought we were crazy) and then all the way back to the entrance of the airport. Then we had to go through security again (of course, this time my shoes set off the alarm!) and then ran ran ran to our new gate. The plan was delayed (thankfully!) otherwise, we would have missed it. Oh my gosh! I can’t believe I brought us to the wrong gate! Then, as we were about to board the plane, they made us (just us!) check the size of our bags. Of course they did not fit (even though I had measured it online to make sure) so we each had to pay 35 euro! I was fuming with anger the whole (40 minute) flight.

Anywho, once we got to Manchester Airport we took a train into the city and found our hostel. On Saturday morning we walked around the city. There isn’t much to see! The people had the hostel said all Manchester had was “drinking, music and football”. It appears, they were not lying!

Downtown Manchester:

My favorite building:

Anybody need shampoo?

Funky buildings/artwork:

After wandering downtown in the morning we lined up with other footballer fans and took the tram to Old Trafford. Then, we sort of walked up and down trying to find scalper tickets. In the end, we got some! WAHOO We missed the first five minutes of the game but who cares. We got in!

The game was amazing and such a cool experience. One I surely won’t forget for a while. We were sitting way in the back of the stands that sit behind the goal nets, where the “true” United fans sit. Well…we soon discovered they don’ sit, they stand for the ENTIRE game and they sing and chant and hell. It was so neat! When we looked around at the other fans (all 75,000 of them!) we noticed that none of them were standing, just our section. Craziness.

We spent our Saturday night exploring the pubs of Manchester and then on Sunday we took the train to Liverpool (which I will blog about later this week!). Manchester was a bit of a dull city but there were some really cool vintage shops and the outfits people wore were very bold. Then…on Sunday we were off to Liverpool (I will blog this tomorrow) 🙂

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