A Weekend in England: Liverpool

I LOVED LOVED LOVED Liverpool! I didn’t expect too. Honestly, all I knew about it was that the Beatles were born and raised there. That’s about it. I had no expectations so I was completely blown away. It was pretty, quite clean and there was lots to do (I could have spent weeks there). Honestly, there are few cities in the world where I get that feeling likeI could live here! (New York, Berlin and London are the other cities I have that feeling about).

We are arrived on Sunday afternoon and were tired so we checked into our super amazing hostel (it had it’s own living spacekitchen, bathroom, etc. and it was cheap) and we had a nap. Then, we set off looking for a grocery store. If you know Europe, you know that things close by 5pm on a Sunday so when we left around 6pm, we knew it might be hard. We got a little lost (our hostel was 15 minutes outside the city centre) but we enjoyed seeing the city lite up at night. We eventually found groceries and then settled in for a relaxing night.

On Monday we went down to Albert’s Dock to look around and have lunch. I love that Liverpool is right on the water (it must be something to do with the fact that I grew up near the water!).

After lunch we went out on a Magical Mystery Tour visiting all Beatles-related places. It was so much fun! We saw tons including Strawberry Field, Penny Lane, the houses they grew up in and the club they first played in. Plus, I learned a lot about them. I now need to download a bunch more Beatles songs – there are so many I don’t know!

Strawberry Field:

Penny Lane:

Paul McCartney’s childhood home:

The Cavern Club (where they played almost 300 shows before they were famous):

On Tuesday, we went on a long walk to the Anglican Cathedral in Liverpool. Built in 1978 it is the largest Anglican Cathedral in the UK and the 5th largest in the world. It was beautiful and it had a huge tower you could go up and see views of the city. Despite the heavy fog, you could still see a lot!

That evening we headed back to Dublin and I must say that as much as I loved my weekend away I definitely enjoyed coming back home too 🙂

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