If I Am Not Irish Yet…

This week I felt, momentarily, Irish. Why? Because, all in one night, I ate baked beans and I watched a show about Gypsies.

I love beans a lot and now that I am cooking more, I have been throwing them in to lots of different meals (my fav: kidney beans). I decided to have breakfast for dinner one night and as I was cooking Fiona, one of my housemates, suggest I eat my eggs with baked beans. I went WHAT?! I never would have thought of eating baked beans with my breakfast. First because ewwwwww and second because I assumed baked beans were not healthy. I was wrong on both counts! First it was yummy in my tummy. So good! And, second, baked beans (at least the kinds she had) were not unhealthy at all! Definitely a new favorite food 🙂

In Canada, we don’t have Gypsies (at least I don’t think we do). In Ireland, however, they are quite common. There is a new show on here called Big Fat Gypsy Weddings all about the crazy, extravegant, tacky weddings the Gypsies have. Gypsies are people who general travel around in caravans, who don’t pay taxes, who are not well educated, etc. Roles of Gypsies are very gendered defined. The boys make the money, the girls do the housework, care for the children etc. Oh…and they get married really young…around 15/16 is the norm. I have only seen one episode of the show and it was fun to watch, to learn about a different culture. And when I was watching it I realized something. As crazy and strange as many of the Gypsy traditions are and as much as I don’t agree about the gender roles, the lack of education, the early marriage…there is always something we can learn from someone else. Because, at the end of the day, the Gypsy culture is all about family and that in itself is worth appreciating.

So…I am not really Irish but I did eat some Irish grub and I did learn a little bit more about their culture 🙂 A good week!

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