Trying To Cook Outside The Box

I can cook and bake and mix drinks…I pretty good with all things kitchen related BUT sometimes I have trouble stepping outside the box. I know how to make a bunch of meals so I usually end up sticking to those. But, for the past few weeks, I have been meal planning – actually thinking about what I am going to eat all week and looking up recipes – before I go grocery shopping. Because of meal planning, cooking (and eating) and been so much these past few weeks because I have started experimenting and stepping outside of my comfort box (a bit anyways…baby step). The result so far? Yummy food and a new found like of feta cheese!

Here is my pesto, feta, tomato, peper and mozza pizza:

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One Response to Trying To Cook Outside The Box

  1. Morgan says:

    mmmm … one of my favourite things to make is pizza! You can put anything on it.

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