I Believe in Dreams

This past few weeks have been challenging to say the least. I will blog more on this later this week but for now…I want to talk about DREAMS.

I am a sap. A total sap. And, I am the first to admit it. Tears swell in my eyes at the drop of a hat. But usually (99% of the time) they are happy tears. I cry when I watch American Idol because I love seeing people’s dreams come true. I cry at movies when things all work out right because, isn’t that the way it supposed to be? There is nothing I love more than seeing someone believe in themselves, in believing that their long-held dream can become a reality.

Last week I went and saw Morning Glory. I normally love movies that get bad reviews, chick flicks are my thing but I didn’t get expect much from the movie. I didn’t cry (surprise surprise!) but I left feeling oddly inspired. The movie is about a girl who is a television producer, and despite all odds and despite people not believing in her, she made her dreams come true. And I loved it.

I love dreams and I love believing they can come true.  I love dreaming. I wouldn’t be here, living abroad, if I hadn’t followed my dreams. And, I am excited for my future dreams too. For making those come true too. Because that’s what life is about…dreaming and making them come true!

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