A Day Trip: Glendalough + Wicklow Mountains

Yesterday I had one of the loveliest days in Ireland I have had since I arrived here last September. After realizing that my time in Ireland is running out, I decided I needed to start planning trips within the country. I have a lot of exciting adventures coming up but none of them included seeing places around Ireland. So, this weekend, I signed up for a day trip to the Wicklow Mountains.

The weather was spectacular (cold + windy but beautiful out), I met a some nice people and I got to see the country-side of Ireland. I took a bunch of pictures so I am breaking this post in two (more pictures coming tomorrow!).

The tour started off early (8am) and we drove through the Wicklow Mountains. Mid-morning we stopped in Glendalough (a glacial valley renowned for its Early Medieval monastic settlement founded in the 6th Century).

One of the Glendalough lakes:

St. Kevin’s Church:

The Cathedral:

The Bell Tower:

The cemetery:

After leaving Glendalough, we continued driving through the Wicklow Mountains, stopping next at the Brownshill Dolmen, a portal tomb from approx 4,000 BC. The tomb is the heaviest in Europe (weighing over 100 tons).

We also stopped at the highest spot on the Wicklow Mountains (which, are mountains…for Ireland!).

More pictures coming tomorrow!

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3 Responses to A Day Trip: Glendalough + Wicklow Mountains

  1. Danielle says:

    That cemetary looks amazing! All the weathered tombstones falling over look so neat!

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