Europe, Here We Come!

As promised yesterday, I am posting my itinerary for my upcoming trip. Here it is!

March 11th: Ashley + I meet in London and the adventure begins!
March 11th – March 15th: London, England
March 15th – March 18th: Dublin, Ireland
March 18th – March 20th: Venice, Italy
March 20th – March 22nd: Cinque Terra, Italy
March 22nd – March 25th: Florence, Italy
March 25th – March 27th: Siena, Italy
March 27th – March 31st: Rome, Italy
March 31st – April 2nd: Athens, Greece
April 2nd – April 7th (roughly…we haven’t booked our ferries yet!): Ios, Greece
April 7th – April 12th: Santorini, Greece
April 12th – April 14th: London, England
April 14th: After 36 days of travel, our adventure ends. I head back to London; Ashley heads back to Vancouver.

I will also be saving this on my Itinerary Page so if you want to know where I will be you can look there 🙂

With only one week to go I am so excited to travel! I am betting that sleepless nights (because I am too excited) will be starting sometime next week.

Happy Friday All!

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4 Responses to Europe, Here We Come!

  1. Heather says:

    Soo much fun. Are you going back to Dublin after that travel stint? Or more travel…

  2. Kari Hall says:

    Looking forward to hearing about the big adventure! Travel safe 🙂

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