What I Am Going To Be When I Grow-Up!

I have made a decision! One that I am really, really happy about and one that I am really, really excited about. I have decided what I want to be when I grow up! At the start of February, I posted about lists and how I was narrowing down my choices and really putting thought into what I want to do. And then, a week or so after that, I posted about what I am looking for in a career. Well, my lists, and thinking and research has all paid off because I have decided!

There were several things that became evident as I made a list of commonalities between careers. Commonalities between things I was looking for in a career and things I wanted to avoid. No career was perfect but I felt I needed to really be confidant in what I wanted to do. For a long time I have wanted to be an event planner. I love planning events. But, there has been something holding me back, something I wasn’t so sure about. It was a risk to start a business from the ground up and sure, I could work for someone else for a few years but it just wasn’t really what I wanted to do. Once I realized this, I started seriously considering other careers and am SO EXCITED about what I have decided.

After a lot of thought, planning, dreaming and consideration I have decided that I am going to become ALLIE, THE TEACHER!

That’s right! I am going to become a teacher. I am going to come back home this Summer and volunteer my butt off and then apply to start school in September 2012.

From a young age I always wanted to be a teacher but somewhere, I got thrown off the track. And you know what? That is totally okay! I am glad I have taken time to try out different careers, time to travel, to think, because I will be a better teacher for it. I am 100% more confidant in my decision now that I ever was before.

There are so many things I love about a teacher’s career and I promise I will share why…but not until tomorrow!

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5 Responses to What I Am Going To Be When I Grow-Up!

  1. Dad says:

    Congratulations on your decision. Great and honorable career with many benefits. I will make a List 🙂 of pros and cons for you soon.

    Love you


    PS. start applying for the spring…….

  2. Wendy MacRae says:

    Good morning Allie!!! I love your idea of becoming a Teacher. I have always thought you would be excellent working with children and you have soooo much to share. If you are free let’s skype Wed or Thurs and we can talk more!

    love you so much


  3. ashley scott says:

    your parents are so cute! hehe

    I’m glad everyone supports your decision lady! I could totally picture you as a teacher

    Congrats on the decision…so excited to see you soon!:)

    love you,

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