All the Reasons in the World

Yesterday I posted about my career decision. I am going to be a teacher! After what feels like a lifetime of deciding what I really want to do, and after a few months of thinking long and hard, I have reached the conclusion that I want to be a teacher and I am thrilled about it!

When I was in University there were several things that worried me about being a teacher: a similar schedule day to day and a lack of financial growth but after spending time researching and finding out how much a teacher makes (duh! why didn’t I think of that before?), I am confidant that I am good with it. I will not become a millionaire but I will lead a comfortable life. I am not really sure why I was overly concerned about a similar day to day schedule. Seeing many of my closest friends go through Teaching School this past year, I have realized that no day is really ever the same! There are new challenges, new lessons, new joys, each and every day and that sounds pretty good to me.

The reasons I want to be a teacher…well they out way my concerns by a ton! I have ALWAYS loved working with kids. I loved being the oldest child and I loved baby-sitting during my teen years (like really really really loved it). I loved watching kids grow and learn and loved bringing along my baby-sitters box, filled with games and art activities for them to play with. I also love the idea of inspiring kids and having an impact on the (and their) future. When I was in high school my teacher’s were so inspiring to me. I learned so much from them that wasn’t in the text book and am so grateful for that. Even five + years out of school, I can still look back and remember all I learned from them. I also love that I can (eventually) incorporate my love for events into my career. I can be the teacher sponsor for grad or for the pep rallies. I can be the teacher sponsor for journalism or for student council. All things I love! Being a teacher is not one dimensional, there are so many different teachers out there that help make well rounded kids.

There are a zillion ways to grow as a teacher too. I could get my Master’s Degree. I could use my love for sociology but focus on schools. I could become a counselor or a principal. I could do a teacher exchange for a year and work in Australia or another cool place like that (I looked into it so I would know for sure that in fact I could do this!).

As a teacher you also get to be surrounded by a group of like-minded people who went into teaching because they care about kids and about education. They see the value in sending kids to school and shaping the generations to come.

There are comfort things that come with being a teacher too. As mentioned above, a solid salary, great benefits, amazing vacation time (with lots of time to travel!) and the opportunity to work flex hours (if I were to have children one day). There is also the security of a job. It may be hard the first few years to find steady work but once you are in a district you are pretty much guaranteed a job for life.

It may not be a perfect career and maybe I am looking at more of the positives but hey, I am excited and I think I will make a GREAT teacher (now I just have to get into school :)).

Tomorrow I will post about why taking the long way (career-wise) has been right for me.

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