Taking the Long Way

It’s a funny thing…the concept of being behind. Behind at school, behind at work, behind at life. This is a concept that used to worry me A LOT.

As a person, I have grown and changed quite a bit over the past two years. I have discovered who I am as a person, what values I yearn to strive for and the parts of me that I need to work on. I used to worry all the time about being behind and so I would work extra hard at compensating in areas I was good at in exchange for those I wasn’t. Case in point: I didn’t get straight A’s in University but I held ”adult” jobs while going to school. I  didn’t learn to play soccer until I was 21 and have yet to understand the game I played on two teams…at least no one could say I wasn’t trying (even if I am still not a good soccer player!)!

Anyways…what struck me these past two months when I have been deciding that I do, in fact, want to be a teacher was that I was never ever once worried about being behind. My best friend just finished teaching school in December and one of my other best friends is in teaching school now too. I have a handful of other friends who have become or are becoming teachers too. So…if I am becoming a teacher, won’t I be behind? I won’t finish school until 2013…most of them will have been teachers for a year or two before me.

The thing is. It’s not a competition. There is room for all of us! They are or will be great teachers and I think I will be too. They may land jobs before me but that’s okay! I have had so many dreams up until now and right now, I am living one of my dreams and I wouldn’t trade that for the world.

Lots of people have always thought I would make a great teacher and have encouraged me in that direction and, in recent years, I have always resisted. And that’s okay because I had to come to this decision on my own. For me, if I don’t carve me own path, I am just never fully happy with it. If I feel forced or pushed, I rebel and no longer want to stay on track but when I decided, I am so much happier (EVEN when I realize that they were right all along!).

With this recent decision, I have really surprised myself. Without knowing how much I have grown, I really and truly have!

And…once I go to school, I will be a teacher like these two 🙂

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