Let The Travels Begin!

It’s Thursday night and tomorrow I am heading to London! Or…should I say in less than 12 hours I will be in London? I am already dreading the 3:45am wake up call but at least I will sleep on the short play ride 🙂

This week has been fairly busy. I have spent way to much time getting ready to go and yet, somehow, I still ended up doing laundry all day today. Why do I always leave things like that until the last minute? Something, perhaps, I can work on before I go away next.

I am excited beyond words to travel again. I know, I have said it many times but it’s true. I AM EXCITED! I love discovering new places, learning about other cultures, soaking up new cities. I love it all. The good, the bad and the ugly of traveling. I am excited to return to London – there is so much to see there and I am happy that I know my way around (at least a bit…I was there for ten days last September) and I am looking forward to showing Ashley around.

Despite some of my nervousness about traveling with someone else, I am thrilled to have a travel partner, to always have a friend, to be able to share some of the hard(ish) times with someone else. It is going to be nice to have a friend to talk to 24/7!

I have now signed up social media for the day and within an hour my computer is going to sleep for the next few days. I won’t be blogging over the weekend as I am leaving my laptop in Dublin but I will be back next week and will try to blog regularily about my travels!

Happy Weekend!

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