It has been five whole days since my travels began again and, thus far, I am having so much fun and cannot wait for all the adventures to come! Ashley + I are in Dublin and gearing up to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow (so excited!).

London was filled with lots of fun. It is one of the first cities in Europe I have re-visited since I came here last Summer. It was really comforting to know my way around, to know how the transport system worked, to remember where the different neighborhoods were, etc.

On Friday morning I rose super early (3:45am) and headed to the Dublin Airport. On my short flight to London I sat beside an Irish lady who happened to be a pilot. I love when I get on a flight and have someone interesting to talk to – the 50 minute flight flew by as she told me different places to visit in both London and Dublin. Once at the airport, Ashley and I found each other surprisingly well and then headed to Hammersmith to drop off our luggage. We then spent the day (with both of us in a slightly tired state) wandering Hammersmith. I introduced her to Primark (a super cheap clothing store) which may have been a mistake because within a few hours of being in Europe Ashley had already bought a few things! After re-fueling with coffee we caught the tube to Notting Hill and explored the markets and had a fun afternoon of browsing. I visited the markets last September but they were not nearly as busy so it was nice to see more of them. AND within hours of Ashley being with me I was enjoying having a friend to travel with…it is so nice to have someone to talk to and share in experiences – way different than traveling on your own! We topped off the day by having Indian for dinner and going to bed early to catch up on sleep.

Books galore!

A very cool store that had sewing machines on all the walls.

A pretty alley way.

I heart ribbon!

The market in full swing.

Excited to have someone to take pictures of (at least for the next 5 weeks)…and to have someone around to take pictures of me!

More pictures of London coming in the next few days!

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