A Sunday Filled With Church + Markets + Friends

We started our Sunday morning in London by rising early and heading into the center of town to attend church at Westminster Abbey. Neither Ashley or I are religions but we wanted to see the inside of the church (which, otherwise costs 15 pounds to visit!) so this seemed like a good option. The service was lovely but very different and much more serious than any service I have ever attended. No pictures were allowed inside but we will remember 🙂

After the service, we went to Hyde Park to see Speakers Corner. When I was in London before Speakers Corner was one of my favorite activities I did so I really wanted Ashley to see. I just love love love the open forum for debate. I think it is so healthy for people to have a space where they can air issues and discuss concerns freely.

We then headed to Camden Markets (another favorite of mine).

Yummy food all around!

Ashley’s shopping spree continued in the markets where she got a pair of pink sunglasses:

In the evening we met up with my travel bff Naomi (who lives in London):

After dinner together we walked around and hit many of the main spots again, this time at night!

Our Sunday was jammed packed but so much fun! I definitely really love London.

One more post filled with London pictures is coming soon.

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